Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pandora Reflection


I truly enjoyed the consultant perspective on the case.  They came up with very creative ways to generate more income which is always useful.  Offering multiple types of subscriptions is a great way to reach all segments of the market.  This will allow us to get the ad revenue from those who are not willing to pay while collecting a descent price for those willing to pay a premium.  Basing this off of hours played will make it very easy for our analyst to project into the future and allows our board members to see progress in a more concise way. 
Their rebranding effort was a fantastic and out of the box idea which I enjoyed.  I would add one more to this platform and that would be to allow those musicians who participate as well established stars to add information on their page where we already have their history or background.  This will give people a reason to stay longer in our network and allow for more ad revenue to be generated.
Entering the mobile device market is the way to go.  Nearly each person in the medium term will have a mobile device that can play music.  We need to make sure we capture that market.  People will want to use this in their car, on the train, or talking a jog.  We will need to present this as personal playlist of your favorite genre of music with little or no advertising.   
I think they did a great job and they gave us a great foundation to work off of.  We can implement some of their ideas and continue to hammer out the details.
I will forward a plan of action with all of the details and see if there are any changes you would like to make.

Thank You

Operations Manager

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