Saturday, June 29, 2013

MS Project Review

Dear IT manager,

I am responding to your inquiry into MS Project for your Project managers.  I have been reviewing and testing this for the last two months and I have found it to be very useful.  It allows each step of the project to be clear and informative.  Project managers need to be aware of what is coming next and have each step laid out in a Gantt chart provides the clarity. 
MS Project uses a familiar format, Excel, for data input.  All of the actions are nearly self-explanatory.  The columns are headed from the beginning, so for your new employees it would be very easy for them to catch on.  But for the more complicated and senior level projects there are many bells and whistles they can add to the project plan.  Resource management is one essential tool that any project manager needs.  Without knowing how many hours each of your employees has for each project you would be lost. Double booking projects can be very detrimental to the business work flow.
Since we are a small operation we were able to get away with excel format to monitor our time.  We have grown so much in the past year and we plan on growing even more in the next year.  I commend you for thinking ahead and I think this will work great.  This will have a huge impact on our productivity and essentially our bottom line.  It will be well worth the investment. 

Thank You
Project Coordinator

Rajae El Temawi  

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