Monday, May 6, 2013

Junk Van Reflection

Hi Sir,

I apologize that I won't be able to make the meeting regarding the consultant's presentation on IT system upgrades, I have a situation over at the Minnesota site that needs my immediate attention.  But I thought that I would at least email you my opinion on the matter.

First, I would like to say that they did a wonderful job in presenting us the facts about each of our options and I am very pleased with their analysis and recommendation.  To be quite frank I was thinking that PaaS was our only option but they opened my eyes on the ERP solution.  My first thought of ERP systems is that they are for very big corporations, not small operations like ourselves due to their initial and maintenance costs. PaaS, in my opinion, offers similar but not as good a solution as ERP but for what I thought to be a much cheaper price.

Though I would still like to see the demo before I make a final recommendation it seems that the Sage 50 software will do the trick.    It has meet all of our requirements within a budget affordable to us, it's a slam dunk option.  But it will be prudent upon us to do our due diligence on the software and its capabilities.  There may be a key component that they missed or we missed to inform them about that could make it impossible for us to proceed.

Are there other hidden costs that could come with unexpected events such as lost data from system crashes?

How is the data handled once it is in Quterra and what mechanisms to do we have to allow us to access or move the data when we out grow what Quterra can offer us?

If we decide to make fundamental changes to our business model how will that effect Sage and what mechanisms do we have to adapt if any at all?

I also wanted to contact a former colleague of mine who has some experience with this software, he will have some invaluable insight into the program and its capabilities. 

I hope my fellow colleagues have the same opinion as I do and I will see you next week when I return to HQ. 

Thank you

Rajae El Temawi

Lead IT Strategist

Junk Vans

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