Tuesday, May 21, 2013

iPad for Success

Dear Joe,


I did the research into iPad vs. Laptop as you requested. 

Here are the functional requirements I believe are necessary after interviewing all parties involved (IT, Finance & Sales).

·         Set a plan—Calendar use

·         Battery Life-Need long life and ability to access power plug

·         Quick Access to presentations

·         Security (access files behind the firewall)

·         Call doctors—make appointments on the fly

·         Access to MS docs-View & Edit

·         Create notes—quick access to jot down notes

·         Portability-light and easily moved

·         Price—with 2,500 users, price needs to be comparable if not cheaper then laptops

With all of the requirements met it seems like a wise move to continue with the iPad transition project.

We will save money on the hardware and software will creating a more agile sales team who can be more efficient. 

Total cost for a maintenanced laptop is $1,200 (according to IT manager) while a 32GB 4G LTE iPad with needed applications will cost $750. 





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